A Call to Democratic Participation

Have you ever had a dream, a really big one? Well, my friends, I have been dreaming for Canada. You see, I love this country and I really want to see her be as she was intended. I think that the original intent was really ambitious — a Dominion from sea to shining sea. Let’s recover that dream. Let’s Set Democracy Straight. Big dream for a big country.

My dream is to develop a philosophy of natural human rights and freedoms which includes civil and political participation by every citizen in common law. There needs to be a process by which every Canadian citizen will practice and truly understand the value of a liberal representative direct democratic government.

Our current political and legislative system has been evolving and in our time more and more laws have been established by the courts and not by the people. This needs to change. I propose we establish a peoples jury,  educated on process and meaning of the legislation, with the sole authority to make and remove laws. Only then will Canada be a true democracy.

But that’s only part of the picture. The people of Canada must also examine the attitude of the state and who owns the country; who controls our money; how can we encourage clear communication; and what our place in the wider world, the spiritual world, is.

All Canadians have the right to petitions the government to make their will known. On this site you will find five petitions that address these pressing issues. Please print them out, gather the required 25 signatures and submit them to our government.

As long as we believe that we don’t have the power to self-rule and govern the governing we abuse ourselves. I love this country and I really want to see her be as she was intended – a dominion from sea to shining sea.